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Rockland’s Trusted Supplier of Aluminum Frames And More

Our aim is to ensure your print output is clean and clear, and meets your clients’ expectations. To help you with this, we also stock Screen Printing supplies at our shop in Rockland. From aluminum frames to inks, we supply it all for clients located across Canada.

Screen Printing Equipment

Teknecal Screen Print Supplies is always in contact with major manufacturers to meet all of your screen printing needs. We’ll deliver exactly what you’re looking for at the best available price, whether it’s new or used.

Call us to place an order for high-quality screen printing supplies.

Larger Scale Equipment

We are proud distributors of A.W.T. World Trade Inc. products such as:

Exposure units

Textile printers

Dryers and curing units

Screen cleaning systems

Smaller Scale Equipment

We sell new and replacement equipment and parts such as:


Scoop coaters

Spot-cleaning equipment

Aluminium frames


Screen Printing Inks

Our inventory includes a wide variety of inks:



Gloss enamel

Vinyl plus

Plastisol textile


Epoxy air-dry

Gloss vinyl


Water-based textile

We’re distributors of the following ink brands:

Display Inks
total ink solution
ink logo


We carry the following brands of emulsions


Eco-Friendly Values

Find out how we contribute to a healthier environment.

Screen Printing Supplies

Get all of the screen washes and inks you need right here.

Screen Printing Services

Count on us for professional screen re-meshing and more.

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