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Screen Printing And Screen Stretching Services In Ontario

As a screen printer, you would want to use your screen to its full potential. We offer screen stretching services to extend the life of your screen and improve print-quality by maintaining the right tension. Serving clients across Ontario, we are the preferred choice because of our customer service and commitment.

Screen Re-stretching

Teknecal Screen Print Supplies can re-stretch your screen with your choice of yellow or white mesh. New frames are always available when needed.

Exposing Services

We will gladly expose your artwork to your specifications. Simply email us your artwork in Adobe Illustrator format with all of the necessary specifications (size, location, colour(s), etc.)

Pick-ups and Deliveries

We offer pick-up and delivery services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Valuable Advice

At all times our staff can provide you with friendly, technical advice. Just give us a call!

Eco-Friendly Values

Find out how we contribute to a healthier environment.

Screen Printing Supplies

Get all of the screen washes and inks you need right here.

Screen Printing Services

Count on us for professional screen re-meshing and more.

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