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An Ontario-Based Supplier With Canada-Wide Distribution

Eco-Friendly Values

Find out how we contribute to a healthier environment.

A One-Stop Shop In Ontario For All Your Screen Printing Needs, From Start To Finish!

Are you looking for screen printing services in Ontario? Teknecal Screen Print Supplies Inc is a Rockland-based company which is your one-stop for all your screen printing requirements. Our expertise also includes manufacturing reclaiming chemicals and aluminum frames, and providing supplies. Get in touch for more information.

A Wide Selection of Inks

Looking for ink? We distribute all types of inks—including plastisol, UV, epoxy, water-based, and Coroplast® inks—from well-known manufacturers such as Inkcraft Ink and Display Inks, just to name a few.

Screen Re-stretching Services

Need a new screen, or is your old one starting to show signs of wear and tear? Teknecal will re-stretch your screens with your choice of yellow or white mesh. Our turnaround time is very quick, so you’ll have your screens back in no time.

Screen Printing Supplies

Does your equipment or one of its parts need to be replaced? Give us a call, and we’ll provide what you need, whether it’s a squeegee, a scoop coater, or a J-clamp. Teknecal Screen Print Supplies also sells larger scale equipment such as exposure units, dryers, and manual or automatic textile printers. We’re always in contact with different manufacturers, so we’ll find exactly what you need, new or used.

Screen Printing Supplies

Get all of the screen washes and inks you need right here.

Screen Printing Services

Count on us for professional screen re-meshing and more.

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